Shorter Days Got You Down? Tips to Feel Better.

Fall leaf about to fall off a tree as the days become shorter in the fall

It always happens this time of year. The long beautiful days of fall give way to the harsh reality that winter is almost upon us. For some people it can be a hard thing to face. They no longer have the option to go for long walks or evening bike rides. We're forced to spend more and more time inside these days and that can lead to some dark nights. 

Don't give up yet though! It may be awhile before the days start to get longer, but there are still lots of things you can do to combat the darkness.

Woman drinking water to stay hydrated in the long winter months and to keep up energy levels.

1. Drink Your Water- This first tip is super easy for everyone to do. It's really important to drink plenty of water during the long winter months. If you're dehydrated it can often feel like tiredness and hunger. If you drink more water you'll feel more energized and alert. This boost can keep you going all day and as a bonus it helps prevent that dry winter skin that we all get.

Cat and human getting some rest in bed to stay on their sleep schedule when the days get shorter in the fall.

2. Stay on Your Sleep Schedule- When the evenings get darker earlier, you might be tempted to just go to bed earlier.  Sleep experts suggest keeping your daily sleeping and waking schedule as regular as possible so as to prevent throwing your body "out of whack." 

A woman walking in the fall to absorb the sun and feel better during the shorter fall days.

3. Absorb the Sun When You Can- You may not be able to take long evening walks or early morning jogs, but it's important to grab the sun when you can. Try to sneak away for even 10 or 15 minutes at lunchtime to get outside and soak in as many rays as possible, you’ll get a decent-enough sunshine fix. Finding it hard to sit on a cold, hard bench while you're getting some sun? Take along an EverRelief Air Inflatable Seat Cushion to make the sit more comfortable and warmer of course.

Woman using an EverRelief Air Inflatable Seat cushion to rest comfortably on a rock during her walk.

4. Take a Bite- While your favorite fruits and vegetables may no longer be in season there are still some nutritious options. Pumpkin seeds are packed full of magnesium. Squash can boost our immune systems. Even something simple like cinnamon is especially good for anxiety and depression because it helps regulate blood sugar.

Pumpkin Patch

5. You Time- Cozy, long evenings are the perfect time to work on you. Start a journal, read a good book, learn to meditate. Turn off the devices and take some time to learn a new hobby or pick up an old one you haven't had the time for.

Woman reading a book in the long fall evening


Spring is a long ways off, but we'll get there eventually. In the meantime hopefully this list will help you learn to appreciate and make the most of the shorter days this season.