Frequently Asked Questions

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EverRelief Info

EverRelief is a small, family owned company based in the US. Our products are manufactured domestically and internationally.

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Product Questions

The Neck Traction Device is made with grey flannel material that can be easily cleaned by wiping down with a damp towel.

Everyone's fit will differ with this device depending on your neck size. We recommend it up to 17.5' neck with receive relief. If you have a slender neck the velcro straps can be adjusted to the perfect fit for you.

We recommend you start wearing the Posture Corrector Brace 10-15 minutes a day at first. You can build up to 20 minutes if you feel comfortable. Take it off if you start to feel any pain at all.

Yes, the discreet design of the Posture Corrector Device makes it easy to fit under your clothes. 

No, it's made with anti-slip materials so it will move as you do and still provide the hip compression you need.

We offer a Medium and Large sized SI Belt. We recommend the Medium for people with hip sizes 30-44 inches and the Large for 42-57 inches.

The Air Inflatable Seat Cushion will be a 17 inch square when it's fully inflated.

Yes, the Air Inflatable Seat Cushion comes with the handheld pump included with the seat. However, the cushion can still be inflated without the pump. Just squeeze the valve and blow into the hole until inflated.