Having trouble keeping that New Year's Resolution to hit the gym?


Starting the New Year getting pain free with EverRelief

Many people start the New Year with the best of intentions. They all want to have a clean slate and begin again as the clock strikes midnight. By now though some people find they aren't meeting their goals. Here are 5 factors that can hold you back.


Giving yourself time to reach your goals with EverRelief

You can't accomplish all your goals in one day or even one month. Time to start thinking of it as a marathon instead of a sprint. It may take the whole year to complete your goal, but as long as you stick with it you're making progress.

2. Proof

Keeping track of your pain journey with EverRelief

If you don't keep track of your progress it's easy to get discouraged. Keeping a journal of everything you do can help. Even if it is small things you complete, writing them all down will make them seem like a bigger accomplishment.

3. Pain

Woman wearing an SI Joint Belt to prevent excessive movement by stabilizing and compressing the hips and pelvic area to reduce nerve inflammation and sciatica pain.

If something hurts when you do it then most likely you won't do it again. That's why becoming pain free can help unleash your energy to compete your goals. There are many solutions out there that can provide pain relief and get you back on track. If you're experiencing sciatica pain an SI Belt can reduce pain and inflammation by stabilizing your hips and providing compression for back support. If neck pain is holding you back try a Cervical Neck Traction Device that relieves muscle stiffness and soreness.


Friends supporting each other on their pain journey with EverRelief

It helps if someone is on the same journey with you. Find a friend, family member, or online group to share your ups and downs with. They can also help motivate  you if you're feeling like you want to give up.

5. Joy

Women enjoying getting back to life after relieving their pain with EverRelief

It may be hard work, but if you can find a way to enjoy the process it goes a long way. Take a day off here and then or give yourself permission to have a cheat day. As long as you get back on track, a little enjoyment can go a long way.