Feel Better in 20 Minutes a Day

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Everyone is so busy these days. Kids, school, work, home, and family all take up our time. It seems like there aren't enough minutes to do something just for you. Especially if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain. But here are a few easy ways to feel better and they only take 20 minutes of your day.

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1. Meditating- Anyone can do it anywhere they are. Meditating for just 20 minutes can really help relieve stress and keep you focused. Just find a quiet place, do some deep breathing, and treat yourself to some kindness.

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2. Take the Time to Laugh-Read a few pages of a funny book, watch a clip of your favorite comedian, or call a friend who always cracks you up. Laughter obviously lightens your mood, plus it stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles. It makes your brain release more feel-good endorphins. And it can relax your muscles and help your circulation.

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3. Take a Walk- Walking just 20 minutes can improve your mood and give you increased energy. You don't have to overdo to it to reap the rewards. Just a moderate pace can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Take your favorite music or podcast along with you to make the time go faster.

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4. Stand Straighter- Most of us hold our phones or tablets for many hours of the day. This can do serious damage to our posture. You can train your shoulders to be straighter with the help of a posture corrector. Wearing one for just 20 minutes a day can prevent hunching your shoulders and help realign your back muscles, so you can use your devices 100% pain-free!

Woman using an EverRelief Posture Corrector to relieve pain and stand straighter

5. Stretching Before Bed-This is one of the best ways to release all that tension that has built up throughout your day. Most people know to stretch before and after exercise, or in the morning to energize themselves, but stretching before bed can really improve your overall night's sleep.

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These are just a few easy tips to ease your pain and increase your happiness levels. Try doing just one a day and see how your mood improves!

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