Do You Wake Up With Neck Pain?

Woman waking up pain free

Your eyes open, a yawn erupts, you go to lift your head and- ouch! Is this your morning routine? So many people suffer from neck pain that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Some factors that cause it are slipped discs, arthritis, or wear and tear from aging. We can't do anything to stop that last one, but there are many other techniques and behaviors your can adapt to ensure a good night sleep and wake up feeling ready to attack  the day.

 Man suffering from neck pain

1. Sleeping Position- It can be tough to get comfortable enough to start to snooze, but if you're a stomach sleeper your neck will pay the price. This position twists your head and neck to the side and can put pressure on your nerves. It's time to train your body to get into a different sleep position. It's hard to break an old habit, but try to place pillows on both sides so you don't roll over in your sleep.

Woman getting neck pain from sleeping on her stomach

2. The Pillow is the Answer!- Everyone has their preference on pillow firmness. This one is too soft or this one is too hard. The reality is a pillow that is too soft can cause much more harm. You need to keep your cervical spine aligned to avoid overtaxing your muscles and a ligament. A nice, firm pillow will keep our spine in a straight line.

 woman suffering from neck pain in her sleep


3. What Now?- If you take care of the first two items on this list and still find yourself in pain, don't worry there is still plenty you can do to feel better. If you need to get going for the day, the best thing you can do is get some ice on your neck. Try for 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off and repeat if necessary. Over the counter pain medicine can also be a big help.

Woman finding pain relief using an EverRelief Neck Traction Device

4. Day to Night- There is also plenty you can do durning the day to help with neck pain. Using an at home pain therapy like a Cervical Neck Traction Device can help relieve pinched nerves, soreness, cervical neck spasms, herniated discs and tension. The decompression it provides can relieve the pressure you're feeling on the neck. Start slowly and adjust the time and amount of air pressure you use to receive maximum benefit.

woman suffering from neck pain


5. Prevention- Another great neck pain prevention technique is stretching.  By the time you’re actually in pain it may be too late for stretching to help, but keeping your muscles loose and supple can reduce your risk of future injury. A simple exercise to start with is the Alphabet stretch. Gently use your head to spell from A-Z to try to get full range of motion back.

Dog yawning

Everyone wants to start each day in the best possible way. Neck pain can be a real drag and bring you down for the rest of the day. Give these simple tips and suggestions a try though because a great morning can make for a great rest of the day!